Friday, September 23, 2011

New Girl Love

What's not to love about Zooey Deschanel? I'm head over heels for her show, New Girl. Watch the trailer below.

I feel like her character, Jess, is a kindred spirit. She has a drastic life change when she leaves her boyfriend, she's starting fresh, she's finding new friends, a new home, and a new normal. I can relate to all of that pretty well.

Her character also brings to mind this fitting quote:

And while I can't claim to be as charming or witty, while my mother and I watched the first episode with mouths hanging half-open, she kept repeating "Megan...she's channeling you."

The constant singing, the awkward interactions with the opposite sex, the nerdy Lord of the Rings was like someone had been spying on me.

Anyway, watch the show and giggle hysterically. I know I will, if for no other reason than it's like getting a peek at my life from the outside.


megan said...

ah, i felt the same way--i totally projected my own personality traits onto zooey's character. i think that's why so many people (women, especially) will love the show: she's so relatable!

Vickie said...

Watched yesterday, really like it. She's really cute and funny like you!