Sunday, September 25, 2011

Photos of my Saturday

The day started when we left around 8:30am for a long drive through Kentucky to Madison, IN.




We decided to drive through Carrollton, KY first, and as we drove by my grandmothers house (though she no longer lives there), we saw my dads cousin, Cleston, sitting on the front porch so we stopped by for a visit. This was my first time to finally meet him (and his grandson, Zachary).


Next we drove into town and met up with my sister and her family to shop at one of my favorite antique stores :)


They weren't going to have time to go with us to Madison before leaving for the next stop on their trip (The Biltmore Estate. Swoon.), so we decided to sit down for coffee and chatting at McDonalds. (I also took this opportunity to burn some of their Adventure in Odyssey cd's onto my laptop)


After saying our goodbye's, Mom, Oliver and I made it over to the art festival in Madison around 2pm. We met up with our friend Monica to walk the town and explore the art booths (I came THIS close to buying a piece from folk artist Maria Pfropper).

(My first pair of skinny jeans and $300 boots that I got for $3 at Goodwill!)

I really loved this house we passed by


I put a huge dent in this ginormous bag of kettle corn. It was the best I've ever had.


We got back to Danville, KY after 7pm and the day finally came to a close with bath time, snuggles, and fresh pajamas.


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Anonymous said...

I could not even tell that was you from behind! You look so fabulous, dear Meggles! Kentucky's been good to you :) And that kettle corn bag is record-breaking, holy smokes.