Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Seven AND Eight Month Update

I did it again. I put off writing Oliver's seven month update, and now he's EIGHT months old today.

Oh, well. They're both getting done now!

oliverhood copy

7 and 8 Month Update

August 20th and September 20th, 2011

20 pounds / 21 pounds

7 Months - Oliver totally mastered crawling then quickly moved onto cruising around the room. He also likes to crawl up my legs whenever I'm standing. He waved goodbye once, started crawling into laundry hampers, and loves to dance like a maniac. We put on music and have dance parties in the morning. It's grand.


8 months - He is sooo close to standing on his own. He regularly stands while holding onto a table or chair then lets go for a few seconds before either grabbing hold again or plopping on the ground. He's learning out to get down off of the bed by scooting on his stomach instead of lunging over the side.

His great-grandmother just bought him a walker and while he's not very fond of actually sitting in it yet, he loves to try to climb into it or hold onto the edge and push it around the house. Hey, whatever works.

oliverwalker2 copy


It's just not happening. I don't know why, since he used to sleep for up to 6-7 hours before waking to nurse, but now I'm lucky to have 2-3 hours, and he'll be up for hours during the night. Even now that he's eating solid food it hasn't changed. Thankfully, he takes two or three naps during the day, but we're both ready for a good nights sleep.

7 months - Mainly breast milk.

8 months - Still nursing but he's trying lots of fruits and vegetables. So far his favorite foods are butternut squash, bananas, applesauce, and avocado.

He's teething and can get pretty fussy, but most of the time he's happy as long as he has new things to see or explore, so going for walks, shopping in stores, or even a simple car ride make him very happy. If he's inside for too long he gets antsy and whiny and toys don't entertain him for long.


Highlight of the Month:
7 months - Watching him experience the beach and the ocean for the first time. He was absolutely giddy while splashing in waves and putting his feet in the sand. I'd love to take him back again soon.


8 months - Seeing him captivated by his cousin, Remedy. I'd never seen anything like it. She entered the room and he couldn't take his eyes off of her. He sat in her lap, grabbed her face, and kissed her twice! Then he stroked her hair and patted her arm. It was heart melting.


Other things:

- I'm amazed by him every day. He is just so aware, so smart, and so strong. He stands up at the arm of a chair, grabs on, and pulls his entire body off the ground.

- He is speaking more and more. A few of the words he's getting good at are hi, please, thank you, peekaboo,

- He's a giant and is in 12-18 month clothing now.

- I'm convinced he gets cuter everyday. I lose track of how many people stop me when I'm out so they can comment on how handsome and aware he is.

- I'm just a little proud of my guy :)


CinderCat said...

Megan, he is too adorable! (and he has good taste in girls, too..she's a cutie :-)

Every baby is precious but there are some that just have an extra 'spark' and Oliver has that extra spark in spades. I'm not surprised that people stop you to comment on how handsome and aware he is.

He is also very photogenic, too. Which is great considering his mom is so great at taking pictures. :-)

Darlene Sherwood said...

Megan, I love the photo of you and Oliver at the beach! You look beautiful and he is such a cutie.

Brewier said...

Everything is growing except his hair.

Megan said...

Cindercat and Dar - Thank you so much!

Dad - So true! He still just has one hair on the top and one hair and the back of his head that are 3 inches long.