Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Photo Crazy

I have my camera again. This is a bigger relief than I had realized.

Somewhere between packing my battery charger for the trip to Kentucky, and actually getting there and having my camera die...the charger disappeared. So for the past month I've been borrowing a camera here and there when I really wanted it, but I haven't been able to just pick one up and tote it around with me. And I love to do that.

So my new charger arrived (off-brand for less than $5!) and I decided to keep my camera with me yesterday and get back to using it again.

I documented Oliver's first trip to Dong-A in the afternoon. It's the Asian grocery store I used to live near and walk to a few times a week. I don't visit nearly as often now, but I still love it and thought Oliver should be introduced.





They were burning incredibly pungent and smoky incense so we cut our shopping trip short. I managed to pick up rice noodles and dried fruit, but totally forgot to grab baby bok choy and find a vegetarian oyster sauce. I did, however, read the label on the hoison sauce bottle and found out it has wheat! My poor poor garden rolls that have been bathing in peanut/hoison sauce have been a cheat food without me knowing. I still haven't decided if I want to be so strict that I cut out hoison altogether. I don't have a severe allergy so it would only be to keep a "rule".

Later in the afternoon Oliver had his very first teething biscuit. They're made from mostly oats and molasses, so he was quickly covered from head to toe in a sticky brown paste. He thought it was great and giggled as he ate.






He had gone to see his naturopathic doctor in the afternoon and was put on a new remedy in the early evening. It really aggravated his aggressiveness (which is actually a good thing and should pass quickly...hopefully) and he soon started getting antsy, but it was still too early to put him down for bed so we went for a little walk around the block. This boy loves being outdoors.






Do you ever feel weird if too much time passes without speaking out loud with your baby? Sometimes I feel like I should fill every single moment with words and instructions, but I tend to get caught up in my thoughts and stay quiet for long periods of time. Then I inevitably feel guilty for not using all those moments to teach Oliver new things.

But last night he seemed in a very mellow mood, and besides pointing out several things along the stroll, we both surveyed the trees and squirrels around us and walked in silence.


Patricia Ryan said...

Remedy loved seeing all the pictures of Oliver. At every, single one she said, "Aww, isn't he cute!" LOL

carla said...

I'd like to pin your photo of the fall looking leaves and sky. It's beautiful.

May I?

(Your son is beautiful, too!)

Megan said...

Thank you - I don't mind at all :)