Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kids, coffee, and crying

We were able to spend this past weekend surrounded by family and friends. I took a bunch of photos (mainly of the kids), but here are the highlights (mom also posted some other photos from the week on her blog).


Saturday morning my sister Jessica arrived with her two youngest, Kate and Clay. Her boy is just seven months older than Oliver so I have high hopes of slumber parties camping and bug-catching as they grow up.


Of course, one of the first things we all did was go to Starbucks.


Followed by a trip to Target. We ruled the aisles with all of our carts.


The boys got to know each other a little better.


Then Oliver bumped into Clay, so Clay burst into tears, which made Oliver cry, which turned into a baby meltdown.



My aunt Melissa came over with her boys, Sam and Gator, so the kids ran wild in the backyard and tumbled backwards down the slide.


The kids shared a bath that evening. It was adorable.


Mom (the coolest grandmother ever), created an amazing tent for Kate to sleep in, complete with pink sheets, tulle, and twinkle lights.


We watched Christmas movies and Jessica and I colored Rudolph pictures together.


Jessica showing off her Hermey (that sounds plain weird)


Monday morning we went to brunch around the corner at Renee's. She bought me some special gluten free waffles (Natures Path, Buckwheat Wildberry) I had never tried before and they were delicious! I still can't believe I've known her since I was four.


While there I got to watch Olivia illustrate her children's counting book.


Her drawings are adorable!

And that pretty much sums up our weekend :)

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Jessica said...

What great photos, it was a fun time!