Thursday, December 8, 2011

Merry Christmas to Me

I woke up today to refreshingly festive chilly weather. It was in the 40's for a good part of the day and only reached into the 60's at the hottest points.

I received an email notifying me of ~~SUPER AMAZING CLEARANCE BLOWOUT SALES~~ at Kohl's. Or, you know, the usual clearance deals going on, only they included a "plus 20% off ANYTHING" coupon. I easily convinced my mom that we should check it out and Oliver was more than agreeable to go someplace besides a) the bedroom b) the living room or c) the high chair.

I was pleased to actually find a few light sweaters on sale, but my little heart was purely ecstatic to finally find a ring that screamed "YES, MEGAN, THIS IS FOR YOU!". I decided I must give it to myself for Christmas. It was $30, but on sale for $18, plus 20% off, so that made me even happier.


When I got back home, waiting on the doorstep was another little something I chose to buy myself. I am a very big admirer of artist Janet Hill and have longed for a print of hers for a quite a while (because, let's face it, I can't afford an original and they sell like hotcakes anyway). The day after Thanksgiving she was having a Black Friday sale and I figured it was a sign (or an excuse) to take the plunge and buy a new piece of art.

I chose my long time favorite, Her Face Launched A Thousand Ships, and I couldn't be happier with the quality. It is velvety and rich and I feel like I could reach out and touch the brush strokes with my fingertips.


I immediately found a frame I had packed away in the garage and went to the backyard and put a fresh coat of paint on the chipping edges. Once the fumes have died off I will hang it in my room and post a photo.

As soon as the paint was taken care of, Oliver's paternal grandmother arrived for a visit and came with my very favorite meals from Thai House (Pad Panang and Pad Bai Kapow). I feasted on the best food in town and Oliver devoured spoon fulls of the curry soaked rice with gusto.

As I ate I just kept thinking about my two new favorite purchases. How could I not be excited about these?


In the late afternoon he easily fell asleep for a nap while I went a few blocks away to lend a hand with an art project a friend is putting together. It involves turning watercolor illustrations into a children's counting book and it is completely adorable.

My boy miraculously stayed asleep for two hours, which enabled me to get more done with the book than I expected, and he had just woken up when I returned home - thanks only to Mae Mae who roused him from a dead sleep at my request (I hate to wake him when he's so peaceful, but the longer the nap, the later he stays awake at night, which ended up happening anyway this evening).

But that was my day, which I realized about 20 minutes ago was pretty darn nice, so I though I'd document it for the purpose of not forgetting all those little things to be thankful for - pretty new things, delicious food, talented artistic friends, a mom who shops, cooks, and babysits, and a little boy who takes convenient naps and gets cuter every day.

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Mrs. Cheerio said...

I love your new ring! It is beautiful!