Friday, January 6, 2012

New year, New Stuff

Hello, 2012!

I am making myself blog at least a little something so I don't leave my Christmas post hanging here any longer. I actually have about five different blog posts I'm in the middle of, but I don't feel like finishing any of them, so I'll just update a little on what's been ging on.

I've been a tad busy lately with making some new print designs and getting work printed and framed for a display at a local bakery, (all while tending to my rambunctious 11 month old) so my brain has been having mini melt downs here and there.

Amidst some chaos yesterday, I took a break to get some fresh air and go to the park with Oliver and Mae Mae. It was perfect weather. Sunny, but cool with a chilly breeze that let me wear layers, and that always makes me happy.

Oliver wore his big kid shoes for the first time that his Aunt Jessica and uncle Ray gave him for Christmas. He seems so grown up walking around everywhere in them.






Once we were home again it was back to business. I had all my frames ready to go and stood waiting by the window for my prints to arrive in the mail. I was really anxious to see how my new Rock Star Female Author designs looked in person. I was totally over the moon once I had them in my hands.



I went ahead and put everything in frames and we took them over to hang at Raphsodic. My mom was my super assistant for the day (she even attached wire to the backs of ALL my frames) :)



Right now it's a temporary set up while I wait to hang up my three four largest pieces in a few days (the frames just arrived today). I'll have more pictures of the display next week when the final arrangement is complete.

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Mrs. Cheerio said...

How cute is Oliver?! Man, he has gotten so big lately.

I am so excited for your art! That is awesome that it is on display at the coffee shop. Amazing.