Monday, January 16, 2012

The week

Just a peak at this past week.


Last Sunday at church I left Oliver in the nursery to sit in on the teaching. When I went back to get him I found him napping in Trent's arms. Poor little boy has separation anxiety and was bursting into sobs in the nursery, so Trent stepped in and worked his magic ( he does have experience with four kids of his own).

After church I went out for lunch with my friends Rob, Milano, Ben, Christie.

Veg soup and summer salad. Surprisingly tasty for a Crispers.

In the afternoon we took a trip to the park. Honestly, I have more fun on this spinny thing than Oliver does.


We met my sister Jessica in Lakeland (a halfway-ish spot between Tampa and Orlando) and picked up my niece Addison for a three day "girl party". She spent the entire ride playing and falling in love with paper dolls from our Aunt Melissa. Of course, this means I spent the entire ride craning my neck to help her put "Beautiful ball gowns!!!!" on the dolls. Again and again. And again.

Later in the afternoon my mom and I went to Raphsodic to finish hanging my art display (really just an excuse to eat three cupcakes). Addison sat with her cupcake while Oliver passed out from all the excitement.


All work on display is for sale with 25% of all sales being donated to Harbor House of Central Florida. Harbor House provides safe shelter, a 24-hour crisis hotline, counseling, and emotional support, and legal advocacy for thousands of domestic violence survivors and their children each year.



It seemed like a crazy busy day for me, simply because I spent five straight hours working nonstop on finishing two poster designs, editing photos for both designs, creating individual Etsy listings for them - tedious!!! -, posting them across the internet, and other things that will bore you. Also simultaneously managed to keep Oliver from falling off the backyard slide, pumped breast milk multiple times, and cooked everyone dinner. Hurrah!

The day ended with a sleepover with our friend Sara, Prosecco, and a Ztype face-off. Great day.

(I will borrow this one photo for the day from my mom's blog - Listing on Etsy while in the yard with the kids)



The day was a blur, but in the evening, I snuck Addison out of the house for a little date at Starbucks where we enjoyed some hot chocolate together (though honestly , I think the highlight for her might have been when I stopped at the gas station afterward and let her watch me pump gas. She was totally entranced with the process and kept repeating "Wow! My mommy and daddy never let me out of the car at the gas station!". You would have thought I gave her a bag of chocolates from her excitement when I let her screw the cap back on the tank)

She looks JUST like her mom sitting all girly with her Starbucks cup.


In the morning we made the drive back to Lakeland. It's amazing/disturbing how hazy and thick the air is in Orlando from pollution from the city.

Oliver received his first birthday gift from Jessica (he won't be one until the 20th) and had a grand time testing out all the musical buttons. TA minute later I heard a rattling noise, a pop, and then baby chatter full of pure giddiness. It seems Oliver had a hold of his rice puffs, got the top open, and spilled the ENTIRE contents of the new botte into his lap. Party. Time.

We stopped in at the huge Whole Foods and it was my first time to be at one bigger than a Publix. It actually felt more like Disney than a grocery store. I loved the hot bar. Oliver thought he was hot stuff getting to walk down the aisles.

Then he got hold of the cart and started making off like a bandit.


Work? Play with Oliver? Eat? I can't remember much, only that I spent quite awhile that evening turning this 50 dollar bill:


into this 50 dollar gift certificate for my shop.


Ah yes, and I found my second-ever gray hair.

The bottom 4 inches or so are brown, but the rest is pure wiry coarse gray!


Relaxing, mellow, full of Doctor Who episodes (I watch it when I pump [4-6 times a day] and when Oliver is awake in the middle of the night, so I already started and finished the first season this week), and in the evening our friends Mark and Darlene came over for dinner and the football game.

Or was it dinner and internet?


Whatever, it was fun!

And there you have it Good week.


Jessica said...

It's so funny you mentioned about the gas station - when we stopped for gas yesterday Addison excitedly told me that you let her watch her pump gas!!! Yes, she was really excited about that. :)

Samantha said...

That salad and soup looks amazing. and I have to admit I am jealous of the weather! I would love to sit out in the grass on a blanket with a tank top on! :)

eddie would go said...

Wow, Behr has that shirt! from the thrift store. I love it and the kids call him Baby Lumberjack.
Sarah O

Mrs. Cheerio said...

I cannot believe this is only your second gray hair, ever. I'm jealous!

I feel like Oliver skipped babyhood altogether. He is SO big and mature!