Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day to me!

This past Saturday I went with Oliver and my mom to check out the Orlando Folk Art Festival at The Mennello Museum. I knew my friend and local artist, Dawn Schreiner, would have a booth there, and I always look forward to seeing her new paintings in person.

While I was there I fell in love with one of her pieces. Don't ask we what the rhyme or reason is behind my little heart falling in love with anything, it just plain does, but I had bought something else that day (we'll get to that later), and figured one art purchase was more than enough.

But her painting stuck with me and I couldn't stop thinking about it. All throughout the weekend, all day Monday while looking at photos I had taken, and then this morning, while looking at the photos again...I just knew that I would regret not buying this piece of art for the rest of my life.

So, guess what? I emailed Dawn this morning, and by 4 this afternoon it was mine :)

I'm so so happy to have it hanging in my room. I keep walking in just to peek at it. I'm so relived no one else bought it during the art festival or I would have always regretted missing out (I've already had this happen once with a piece by Martha Lent at the Winter Park Art Festival seven years ago. It was a grand and wonderful mixed media piece (view a picture) and my mom and I still bring it up in conversation every few months, always regretting not purchasing it for ourselves).

My other purchase from the festival happened when we discovered Melissa Menzer's work and this little gem caught my eye.

This is the one my mom loved

I have many more pictures of these two birds over on meganleestudio.com. It's my brand new all-art blog featuring my work and articles spotlighting different artists I come across :)

Menzer's other work is funky and creative, but didn't call to us in the same way

However, her robots were pretty cool.

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eddie would go said...

I would so have bought that too! For me it is the red.