Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I love the UPS man.

I love the UPS man. Not the individual himself - it's someone different almost every time - but the delivery person that brings me wonderful items in the mail is just plain swell.

There are few things I love more than something handwritten (plus something edible!) that arrives in my name at the doorstep. I get so excited that I usually turn jittery and start dropping things. Either the box cutter, the package itself, or something I've found inside. Its inevitable. Luckily this time is was just some of the papers inside the box, so no damage done.

I've been blessed to have thoughtful friends that send me packages every now and then, full of goodies and sweet notes, and today I found TWO packages on the front porch that were both addressed to me. JACKPOT!

The first was this:


A quick peek inside and I was ecstatic


A few weeks ago I was totally jazzed to get an email from my friend and extremely talented Christian artist, Audrey Assad, asking if I'd like a box of goodies and her new cd for a listening party. Um , YES!


I'm now loaded with two types of coffee, a giant chocolate bar, book of lyrics and illustrations, a handwritten guacamole recipe, and three of Audrey's new Heart cd's (two of which will be in a yet-to-be-determined giveaway - either an online drawing or a little contest at the party itself).


The second box I found outside was actually something I ordered for myself but had forgotten would be arriving, so it was almost as great as a surprise!

I get very lackadaisical about my spiritual walk, so I've been searching for a devotional to keep me hungry for a closer relationship with Christ. Proverbs 31, a passage on a wife/woman of noble character, has always been one of my favorites to read and memorize, so when I found this devotional based on a 90-day guide to be a living example of these character qualities - PLUS it had great reviews - I decided it was worth a try.


I know I could have downloaded it to Oliver's Nook and had it in my hands instantly, but this seemed like a good one to have solidly in my hands for page turning, highlighting, and keeping on my nightstand so I wouldn't forget about a digital copy floating in the cyber ether.

So, needless to say, it was a VERY good mail day :)