Thursday, February 2, 2012

My room, my world, my life

It struck me today that I have never taken a picture of my room. It probably doesn't sound like big deal, but to me, for many many reason, this room in my parents house is such a huge landmark in my life.

It's an especially nice little haven right now while the rest of the house is in complete upheaval while getting ready for our estate sale this weekend, and while packing everything else in boxes for our big move (to who-knows-where). But before I took my room apart, I wanted to capture the happy simplicity I've had here.

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It isn't much, and it's a bit messy and disorganized, but it is mine. When I moved out so quickly from my house with Oliver's father, I had to downsize from an entire residence, to this one room in just a few days. I had to be very selective about what would be nearby, which made me concentrate all my belongings down to my very favorite possessions.

My ever-so-comfortable king size bed. My vintage wooden ship clock and orange lamp. My favorite books, dvds and journals all stuffed onto four shelves of a bookcase (because Oliver can reach the bottom two and nothing of value goes there), my hanging wooden shelf piece with rubber stamps, my hand painted munny, a harmonica (they're cool), and various knick knacks, with a strand of cheerful twinkle lights.

There are a few other things, like Oliver's crib, lots of artwork tucked into little places (my favorite Harry Potter print from Dawn sits on my night table), and a closet stuffed with clothes and a vintage bench, plus several boxes kept stored in the garage - but this is what I keep at hand. All of my things whittled down to one cozy room that is the very essence of me. I'm looking forward to the next step forward in life, but I think I will miss this little room when it's gone.

And here's a little news flash of recent things going on:

Friends stopping by to get first dibs on soon-to-be estate sale items



Oliver learned to pick his nose and fall asleep in his chair in one night.



I went on a gluten binge for two days while Oliver seemed disinterested in breast milk and my first stop (after pizza the night before), was an array of freshly baked pastries from Whole Foods for a family breakfast (I'm back on the gluten/dairy-free train).


I designed and printed my very own (anti)Valentine's Day cards :)


Oliver made his very first water color painting (currently on the fridge, but will soon be framed)




And I accidentally dressed myself and Oliver alike yesterday morning

Photo on 2-1-12 at 8.46 AM

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Love Oliver's watercolor.