Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My happy place.

This little spot in my room makes me inexplicably happy. I have been collecting vintage photos and postcards for years, but I usually pack them away in plastic to "keep them safe", and only pull them out a few times a year to look through. Last fall while in Kentucky, I stumbled across the most perfect old wooden box to display my collection of photos in so that I can enjoy looking at them every day.

On that same trip (though at a different shop) I found a vintage clock ship, and it sits atop a stack of three books - an antique Grimms Fairy Tales, Amy Vanderbilts Complete Book of Etiquette (with illustrations by Andy Warhol), and a hardback copy of Pride & Prejudice. 

 There is also a framed piece titled 'Toshogu Shrine' by my favorite Japanese wood block print artist, Yoshida Hiroshi, that I found years ago at a garage sale. It's leaning behind the box for now, but I think I will hang it on the wall so that the entire piece is viewable.


Oh, and I have tucked a few personal papers into the mix of photos (cards, notes, etc, from friends) as well as my glass jar of paintbrushes and box of water color tubes. 

 Like I said...inexplicably happy :)



Anonymous said...

Of all the pieces on that shelf, I adore that wooden box. It must hold such great little treasures and memories!

Mrs. Cheerio said...

Yes, that wooden box is perfect. I love the whole ensemble!

Where do you buy/find vintage cards?

Megan Lee said...

I get almost all of my vintage cards from two antique stores in Kentucky, which I get to visit only once every year or so. I'm always on the hunt, though!