Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A new scene

It's been a week and a half in the new house and the move has been slowly sinking in.

 Wesley Chapel is much different than Orlando, but there are many positive differences to focus on. One huge positive being - this house is ridiculously cool.

 Our front door opens to a courtyard with a screened pool, a large porch area, and there is a detached pool house with a full bath (my dad is using it as his office/retreat). Once you walk across the courtyard area and into the house, it is an open floor plan so it's one GIANT "L" shaped flowing room lined with glass doors to the pool area (pictures will help explain).

 My mom's room is as big as our old living room, her walk-in closet is the size of my previous bedroom, and her bathroom is even bigger than the closet with the shower alone big enough to fit an entire family (not that you'd want to shower with your entire family...).

 Oliver and I have our own "wing" of the house with a small hallway that helps separate us from the large living area. It will be even more separate once I hang up a heavy curtain at the entrance to the hallway to give is a little more privacy (along with blocking out house noises during Olivers nap, and Oliver noises during every one else's sleep).

 My room is to the left and has turned into my sanctuary. I absolutely love it. The only thing missing is furniture since all I have is a bookcase, a bed, and a nightstand, but plenty of room is still taken up with boxes. I actually have my very own walk-in closet as well. Fantastic!

 Oliver has his own bedroom that is separated by a simple white bathroom between our rooms. His room is still just a heap of messes with the corners full of canvases, boxes of framed art, bins of his clothes, and a 20 year old keyboard. The only furniture is his crib, which he never uses (but I'm saving because I bought an expensive organic cotton mattress so once he's older I'll remove one side of the crib and use it as his climb-in bed), and he sleeps amidst his toys in his beloved peapod tent.

Our time here so far has been jam-packed with cleaning, setting up the house, and lots of visits already. Our friends Johnny, Sarah, and their son Ethan stuck with us ALL day the Sunday we moved in, so they were our "first visitors" (they drove all the way to our new place to help unpack, then all the way back to Orlando the same night!) I felt so badly for them because it was really the day that wouldn't end. The movers arrived at 8:30am, but because of some mistakes their boss made, everything took much longer than  estimated and they didn't get done unloading at the new house until 11:30pm.

Our friends Mark, Darlene, Keith, and Lance were the next visitors just a few nights later. My sister and all her kids came for Saturday brunch, and then our friends Renee, Sara, and Eva drove from Orlando to see us for a few hours yesterday. What a blessing to have such good family and friends to visit us!

I think I would be a little more in shock about the move if I hadn't had people to see. In winter Park we were surrounded by things to do and many friends. Here we are far-out from anything big and the only people I know are my sisters family and a few of her church friends.

My next mission is to find some culture here in Tampa and find a way to meet new friends. In the meantime, if you're in the area, let me know!

P.S. Lots of picture soon :)


Jecka said...

I have a lot of family in the Tampa/St. Pete area - it's nice! I hope you enjoy it because there is plenty to love!

Katie said...

Glad you guys are getting settled! The house sounds great! Btw, I found my friends up here by joining a MOPS group. I love it! (just an idea) Looking forward to seeing pictures!