Sunday, March 25, 2012

Swords and fish, but not swordfish

I have so many photos and things I could blog about that I feel overwhelmed. I repeatedly end up not posting anything because I put off writing about something recent until I can write about something that happened weeks ago.

 Pfft. How pointless.

 So, I'm skipping lots of things and posting some photos from last week.

While playing in my moms closet one morning, Oliver discovered a plastic sword. Despite never having seen a sword fight, he dashed over to the door to go outside then started running through the yard waving the sword over his head and making a lot of very boyish war-cry sounds. It was adorable.

Also, after a very very long break, I'm starting to sketch again. Nothing fantastic, just simple things to get into the groove of pen and paper. I do love my micron 02.

On a whim I chose to study edible algae yesterday. The sketches, while not great, looked much better before I scribbled colored pencils on top of them. I think one of my favorite parts was making the text look like pieces of kelp.

Today I chose to draw a Stonefish. Just because.

P.S. This is my moms closet. I mentioned to her that I feel like I'm walking into a shop in Diagon Alley whenever I enter (Harry Potter reference for you poor souls that aren't familiar :). The room is packed full of trinkets and I feel like magical treasures are just waiting to be discovered. Pretty cool for a closet.

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