Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Recap

It was a busy, wonderful, fun-filled day.

 The morning started with Easter baskets for Oliver and my dad. I made a simple little presentation with some dairy-free chocolate and carob candies inside of plastic eggs for Oliver. I also tucked in his favorite almond yogurt, a pack of apple & grains mish mash (before I knew he was having a gluten reaction fromt cross-contaminated oats), his friend, the cardboard painted bird (from the wrapping on my painting by Dawn Schriener - he LOVES it), and a book about the meaning of Easter.

He seemed pretty jazzed about the whole thing.


In the afternoon we had a big Easter lunch with my sister Jessica, her husband Ray, and their children Addison, Kate, and Clay. We also invited a couple from their church that we hadn't met before and their three children (with their youngest only four weeks old!), so it was a very full house. I loved it.

Clay looked like such a dapper little gentlemen. Jess said he looked like he was from Titanic.

Four of the sevens kids in the house.

The newborn, Rebecca!

Jess and Ray making out for the camera. 
(We had a mini photo shoot in the courtyard)

Mom looking pretty.

And this is one of the only photos of me and Oliver together on Easter. And my new dress :)

We had a big easter egg hunt in the backyard, spent hours lounging around the pool, and ate croissant sandwiches, stuffed grape leaves. and raspberry torte. It was completely relaxing and lasted until at least 6 or 7 in the evening.

I had just gotten into my pajamas when my mom received a phone call from Sandra, one of her Canadian blog friends (that she'd never met and who was vacationing in FL), saying she and her family were only 20 minutes away and would love to stop by for a visit. Yes, please! I quickly pulled on my outfit once again and had a blast meeting Sandra, her husband, her son and daughter-in-law, along with her daughter and son-in-law. Having a full house is one of my favorite things, so I was a happy camper.

Among our many topics of conversation was why Florida shouldn't be inhabitable, the numerous icky creatures that live here (eels, alligators, snakes, insects, amoebas, etc), and a my longwinded speech about the type of artwork I make.

So...a pretty great day :)

P.S. Weirdness of today: While playing tag in the backyard with my nieces for about five minutes, a neighbor wandered from around the bushes and into the yard. I was all smiles and ready for introductions, but noticed her shifting forwards and backwards and glancing around oddly, so I stayed with the girls while my parents walked over to talk to her. I heard her stumble over her words while she complained that "If my turned up all the way and I can....still hear you, then....there's a problem".

My parents simply said that we are rarely in the yard and that's just how children play (and honestly, we weren't that loud. Mostly giggles and some playful screams). She started to walk away then turned back around, widened her eyes, pointed at us and yelled, 


And then she walked back to her house. Surreal and hilarious.

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