Saturday, April 21, 2012

Garage sale gold

Three different subdivisions in the area were having a community sale this weekend, so Oliver and I went with my parents this morning to search for treasure. I succeeded.

I bought one dresser, one model ship, one ring, a shirt and pair of pants for Oliver, and three cd's. 

Total spent: $30

This solid wood dresser was made in the 70's and spent most of its life traveling town to town through Italy with it's owner who was in the Navy.  A steal for $10.

This gorgeous ship was made by the sellers brother, and she agreed on $15 instead of the marked $20 - as long as it was going to a good home :) 

A ring perfectly suited for me. $1.

New outfit for Oliver. 50 cents per piece.

$1 per cd. Billy Joel, Madonna, and yes, that is The Judds. They were my favorite group when I was about 8 years old. Nostalgia overtook me and I had to buy.


Jessica said...

I don't know what to comment on first, what great finds! I love Oliver's new outfit! (I could probably sing much of that Judd's cd from memory, I remembering listening to it on my walkman all the time!)

Vickie said...

Wow! Super score!!

Kathryn said...

Stunning ship! I love a little nautical whimsy.