Tuesday, April 17, 2012


It feels weird to buy my own art, but now that I have over 30 original art prints I've designed, I decided to invest in small prints of all of them to keep on hand for my portfolio. It felt a little silly to be so excited about getting my own prints in the mail.

I tested out white borders on a few of them and loved how it looked with my Galilei print. It's framed and hanging on my wall now :)

The others I ordered:

All 15 scientist designs, five astronomers (plus a large Hubble print to frame), five female 
authors, two Doctor Who's, and one Sherlock. All proof that I am a proud nerd.

There was also a few moments of extreme cuteness with Oliver in the afternoon. In the middle working I looked up to see him trying on Mae Mae's glasses. My heart formed a puddle on the ground.

Someone mentioned how much Oliver looked like me in these and then I realized I had taken a picture several years back that might show the resemblance even more...

Yep, he's my boy :)


Cindi said...


These are so adorable! Oliver is so photogenic, and should be doing advertising in magazines.

The last two pictures of you and Oliver should be framed and hung on a wall in a double picture mat frame. So cute.

Samantha said...

All those posters are really amazing. Such great work!

and I love love the middle picture of Oliver.

Joy said...

Oh man! He is way too cute! How adorable is that little sideways glance!:)