Saturday, May 19, 2012

A poor tiny little update

Next weekend I have my first event where I'll physically be selling my art in person (as opposed to my online shop where everything usually happens) so I've been super busy and not in blogging mode.

I'll have a booth selling all sorts of my science-y nerdy things at the Orlando Mini Maker Faire and would love if anyone in the area wants to drop by and say "hi!". My lovely and hilarious friend Shirlee is my assistant for the day so you can say hi to her too :) (Advance tickets are $8 online or $10 at the door)

I've been prepping 400 stickers, 300+ prints, and ordering in my first batch of t-shirts (as well as a 10x10 canopy, 6' vinyl banner, and a few custom pens to fill out any order forms). Quite exciting for me:)


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your event!

- Jessica V.

Mrs. Cheerio said...

Perhaps a shorter update, but BIG news!!! How cool is that?! I am so glad you are taking the cosmic posters/art- they're some of my favorites. :) Can't wait to hear all about it/see photos of the big day.

Moo said...

I just noticed you have Hawking and Sagan!!! I must get!!! I'm so excited!!! Now I have to talk Brett into it :D