Saturday, June 16, 2012

Black and white projects

I have an ever-growing collection of old postcards and photos. Some of my favorite ones are of city skylines across the US. The other day I remembered I had the perfect frame sitting in my closet just begging to display these old photos of San Francisco, New York, and Miami.

While I haven't been working on any new print designs lately, I've started sketching a little again. My most recent sketch is of intervertebral joints. I nearly quite five minutes after starting because I realized it would take me awhile. but I stuck with it and worked a little bit at a time over three nights until it was done. It's sloppy and disproportionate, but it was still relaxing for me to make.

I'm not much in the mood to write (I feel incredibly boring this evening), but those are two things that made me happy recently. Oh and Oliver's first swim was a big event this week. 

(I love how Kate echo's everything I say in the beginning)

P.S. Kate and I had our special date at Waffle House this week :)

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