Monday, June 25, 2012

The cute boy in glasses

This alone will make your day better.

Oliver loved these glasses and didn't want to take them off. I'd buy them if they were at all practical...but they're really not.

But onto other things...

Last week we made super speedy 24 hour trip to Orlando. It felt very hurried compared to our usual 3-day trips, but we maged to do a lot in just a little time. 

First I took Oliver on a cupcake date to Raphsodic (they have dairy-free gluten-free cupcakes safe for him to eat).

 The vanilla cloud is always a hit. Sadly, the rest of their cupcakes are unpredictable. The Espresso Pecan one that I tried was really really dry with hardly any flavor :/

I also met up with Oliver's other grandmother for a quick visit at Target AND dropped by my old work place (Chamberlin's) to say hello and pick up a few things, but out of all the employees, only ONE of them was from my days back in 2006-2008. There are others that still work there, but not on the day I visited.

The next morning we went out for breakfast with my dad. We hadn't seen him in two weeks (he's still working in NC and makes it back every other weekend), so it was great to spend some time together...though instead of First Watch, I accidentally took us to Toojay's which consistently has the worst service.

Oliver was so excited to be out with Poppy that he could barely sit still. 
In fact, he really didn't sit still at all, and at one point started climbing onto the table 
(that's when the lovely high chair with seat belt was brought over)

After breakfast I was able to meet up with Jose, an old friend I hadn't seen in five years! It was very nice to catch up as well as eat at Little Saigon again and get a Vietnamese food fix (we have none in our area).

And hey, look what I ordered for myself  - a shirt made from one of my prints. I figured i's about time I get one myself. It's a little big and will probably just be for sleeping in, but very comfy :)

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hilltopper said...

so, so, so cute! i love the first one of Oliver with the cupcake!! of course how could he not be super cute seeing as how he has such a pretty Mommy.