Friday, June 15, 2012

Last week.

A peek at some family fun last week.

My unce and his boys, Sam and Gator, came over to spend the night. 
They pretty much lived in the pool.


My sisters kids came over too, so after our swim we made a "nest" of blankets and watched a movie.
(L to R: Clay, Oliver, Greg, Gator, Addison, Kate, Sam)


They chose WALL-E


Thursday night my Dad came home for the weekend (he's currently working in North Carolina and makes it back here every few weeks). Oliver misses him terribly when he's gone, so he basically stuck with my Dad wherever he went. This is him "helping" Poppy fill up the fountain.


I haven't spent much time at all cooking lately so I thought I'd made a nice meal for all of us. I decided Coq Au Vin sounded like fun and we all went shopping together for the ingredients. It's only the third recipe I've made out of this cook book, but they've all been great so far.


It may not look very appetizing here, but it was fantastic with garlic mashed potatoes (anything with brandy, butter, and an entire bottle of red wine really can't go wrong). 


Living the easy life while watching educational videos on youtube. More specially, just about every video made by KidsTV123


Bed time = video and snuggle time in my room.


Oliver went crazy over a ridiculously silly youtube video of dogs swimming and shaking off water. All in slow motion and set to music. 

P.S. This lady got out of her car and chased a bunch of huge birds out of the road. So I took a picture. 


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