Thursday, October 18, 2012

I fell in love yesterday.

I've fallen in love with an inanimate object.

It may not whisper sweet nothings in my ear, but it sends out a gentle hum, gives me exactly what I want, and leaves me more time to do other things.

I'm talking about the DYMO 4XL. No idea what that is? Well before I get the side eye from someone wondering what kind of joy I'm talking about that comes from something with DYMO! and XL! in the name - it's a thermal printer.

Gone are the days of hand-typed (or, god forbid, HANDWRITTEN) address labels, secured with three strips of packing tape, plus a wait for who-knows-how-long at the post office to weigh and buy postage for each and every package.

Now with just a few clicks on, this printer copies all the info from an Etsy purchase, makes a little *bzzz*, and spits out a sticky label with ALL of the info and postage I need (even customs forms!). And it's thermal, so it doesn't use ink or toner and the only materials I will ever have to purchase from here on out are the labels (which, by the way, are super cheap over at

This will be a much much cheaper and faster way to package all of my shipments. And it come with double bonus points because I won't be waiting in any more post office lines! Just walk in, drop in the bin, and go back home to caress my 4XL.

I swear this isn't an advertisement, I'm just really really happy about my new friend.

My 4XL with his new buddy, the 35lb scale.


Katie said...

So cool!

Joy said...

Efficiency is such a wonderful thing! I'm vicariously happy for you because I totally understand why you love your new buddy!:)