Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Today Is The Day

A few hours sleep and a good cup of coffee. That is what I'm running on this morning. But today is the day I want to start with blogging again. I will try to set aside some time in the morning while I drink my coffee to post at least a little something here.

Oliver has been sick the past few days and, miraculously, until last night had been sleeping 10-12 hours straight. Last night however, he woke up at 3am with some horrible coughing and cries for mamma, so we walked outside and looked at the stars. It's one of his favorite things to do and it calms him instantly. We both love the stars and the moon.

After a snack, some cuddling, and yet more episodes Curious George, he went back to sleep. I was wide awake until about 6am and contemplated just staying awake,  but my better judgement (and heavy eyelids) won the battle and I got a little more rest before he woke up again at 8.

And now the day is here with all of it tasks waiting to be done. I am busy preparing for my exhibitors booth at The Museum Of Science And Industry in Tampa next month. I also have t-shirt and print shipments arriving today that will need to be packaged and dropped of at the post office.

I finally started printing my own postage so I don't have to waste time in lines at the post office. And, to save even more time, I've just purchased a thermal printer and sticky labels that will save on ink, paper, and tape as well. Other good news: I now have a dedicated business PO Box and I'm in the process of becoming an LLC. Busy busy bee, I am.

Add laundry, cleaning the bathroom, and wiping an endless faucet of snot from Olivers nose to the list, and that's my day.

And while I was typing that last sentence, Oliver had a massive dirty diaper that leaked onto my freshly laundered bedding that I just put on yesterday. Oh, and at the same time, the lawn maintenance crew showed up at our yard which causes us to get sick from fumes if we're not careful, so of course TWO of Oliver's styrofoam nerf bullets were stuck in the sliding glass door so that it wouldn't shut tightly, causing the house to flood with gasoline fumes. I just spent 5 minutes trying to dig them out with a steak knife.

And my coffee got cold.

But I'm looking at it all as amusing as opposed to frustrating....as long as nothing else happen before nap time :)

And for your viewing please, here are some pictures of Oliver, pre-sickness.

I bought Oliver a package of little boy (SUPERHERO!) underwear to get ready for potty training. He refused to try them on the normal way and instead wanted to wear them all as a hat.
He likes hats.

A few weeks ago I was busy working while Oliver played around my feet. I realized all of a sudden he had disappeared and then I heard giggling coming from my very crowded walk in closet. I found this smiling face peeping through my clothes.

The following two photos are from our last visit to Orlando at Mark and Dar's house. 

To keep him entertained I made a pile of every single throw pillow I could find in the house. 
He spent a good 30 minutes sliding off the chair into our "nest" in a very dramatic and faux death-defying way. 

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Joy said...

I love Oliver's underwear hat...you never know, he could start a trend! It's so sad and exhausting to have sick kiddos! I hope you are both able to get more rest soon!