Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Recap

Life is busy and good. Most of the good news revolves around my business, which is growing more quickly than I ever expected. It's all a bit surreal.

 For anyone that is a friend on FB, this all mostly will be old news, but here's some of the fun stuff happening lately:

 1. The Associated Press will be writing a story on space-themed gifts for the holidays and mentioning my shop and planet prints. It will run in nat'l and int'l newspapers, print and online editions the first week of December.

 2. Shop Til You Drop Magazine in Australia will be publishing a little blurb about my Earth print for their "best picks from Etsy" story in their February issue.

 3. A geek website wrote a great review of my products and is also hosting a giant giveaway of my items right now. They also featured me in their holiday geek gift guide.

 4. A few weeks ago a facebook page called I F***ing Love Science shared my work with their 1.7 million followers which created an influx of new followers and orders for my facebook page and shop.

 5. Last night my huge 4 day 25% off sale ended in my shop. It went very well and I can, without a doubt, support myself and Oliver with my art, as long as I keep working on growing my business. That is a huge huge relief.

 6. I'm officially an LLC :)

Below is my work space. It has been a happy little space, but I've quickly outgrown it. I'm about to receive a ridiculous amount of packaging supplies, prints, and t-shirts, so I'll be taking over the pool house and turning it into my office. 

We had an amazing Thanksgiving at our house this year. I was struck by how absolutely picturesque it all was. And while having an absolutely amazing day, I was also struck by the thought that we never know what can happen in a year. Where we will all be, if we will ever have this exact opportunity to be together again...it may sound like a negative outlook, and I did get bit teary, but it also made me appreciate the day all the more.

I actually felt like I was living in a movie. I made the turkey, green beans, sweet potatoes, broccoli salad, and pecan pie, but had some help with side dishes from mom and Jess (who I mistakenly told to cook 10 POUNDS of potatoes. It was a potato extravaganza). 

We lounged by the pool, ate at our makeshift dining room table, shot water balloons in the backyard, took family photos, and in the evening the adults played Apples to Apples while the kids watched Home Alone. It was...great :)

Mom made Danish Kringle for breakfast. Oliver helped with the icing :)
(He is still gluten-free and dairy-free so I bought him special GF donuts instead)

 Our makeshift table. We sold our dining room table before we moved, so we pieced together some smaller desks and chairs from around the house. Pretty dandy.

Family photo taking.

On Saturday some friends came over with their daughter and we went to St. Pete for a small craft fair. Very very small. We were only there about 10 minutes, but I DID find an adorable hand -sewn and hand-stamped stuffed owl (which you can see in the above picture of my work space)

(they don't want photos pf their daughter online - that's why they're blurred or have her head turned)

This past Sunday we all headed out to pick our Christmas tree. Oliver had a ball running around the pines and would barely stay still for a photo. (We ended up getting an 10'+ tree!)

And now back to work...

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Melanie from MN said...

Hi! I read your sister's blog occasionally (I think I've commented on it a time or two, but am mostly just a stalker - but not in a bad way! Her kids are close in age to mine, so it's fun to read about them!) and have read yours from time to time, too. So it was a fun surprise when my cousin in MI mentioned your cool prints and said many of her engineering co-workers at Whirlpool were talking about them! I almost said - oh, I know who does those! :) I'm so, so happy for your successes!