Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cookies and Clutter

Yesterday was national cookie day, and I've been wanted to bake sugar cookies for the holidays, so last night I ignored work for a little while and baked some special cookies for my boy.

I found a nice gluten-free dairy-free recipe that is safe for Oliver, and unlike most other times I make sugar cookies, I took the time to roll out the dough and cut some fun shapes for him (the rest I just quickly roll into balls and slightly flatten for baking)

Once they had cooled, I called Oliver into the kitchen to try one.
 His face just makes my heart so happy.

As usual, the rest of my time is mostly spent working. My biggest struggle right now (emotionally at least) is focusing so much on work and not on Oliver. I know in my head that if I wasn't doing this, I would just have to be at some 9-5 type job completely away from him, and I'm over-the-moon happy to be able to be near him all day, but I can't help feeling like I should be focusing on him more....I think that's the plight of every working parent though, so I'm sure many feel the same. Thankfully, my mom is here and helps watch him and play with him while I work and I can hear their playful screams and giggles almost constantly, so I know he's not missing me too much :)

Last week I finally moved all of my work materials into the detached pool house/office. It has been an incredible upgrade and helped to improv my packing process immensely. I'm still working on getting everything into it's right place, but here is what it looks like today. 

(I don't really have a surface to work on so I have an 8ft folding table set to arrive later this week)

Not everything can fit in the room so some materials are being stored on the covered patio. I'm just crossing my fingers that it doesn't rain for awhile because this area floods in a heartbeat.

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hilltopper said...

look at all those shipping supplies!!! wow!

It can be hard balancing work and mom responsibilities, but its so awesome for you to be able to work from home, its so valuable for you to be with Oliver all the time, especially with his food allergies (constantly being worried that he was being fed something that he shouldnt have would be a huge stress, i had a baby sitter once who insisted on giving D red gatorade at 10 months, even after i asked her not to) Keep up the good work and dont forget to take some time for relaxation.