Wednesday, January 16, 2013

If you feel bad, buy stuff and eat pastry.

I've been a little down and melancholy lately. After being sick and taking care of sick Oliver for 2+ weeks, I've been in a totally different routine than usual and have felt isolated at the house. I feel very weird when I'm away from people, and even small interactions at the store or a 2 minute conversation with a stranger helps me feel much much better .

I try to focus on the many positives and blessings in my life (Like people say, if you focus on all the things your thankful for, it's harder to complain about things you don't like. Do people say that? I guess I do now), but I've still been down in the dumps.

I'm finally starting to feel a bit back to normal, and it believe it's thanks to the following:

- Retail therapy. I guess it can help to a degree. I found this 5x7 rug that makes me smile every time I walk into my room. The colors feel warm and cozy, and since it's all wool on a cotton backing, it meant hardly any oder and it was safe to bring into the house. I've been looking for a rug for months, but they are usually $250-$400 if made with natural materials (meaning not polypropylene). At only $99, I'd say this was a steal.

- A mini trip to Orlando. We were there only 24 hours, but we crammed a lot of fun into it, including:

- Vietnamese food. I repeat, GOOD Vietnamese food!

- Special gluten-free cupcakes for Oliver from Rhaphsodic

- Afternoon coffee, chatting, and haircuts with Renee and Eva

- Finding Oliver some birthday presents at Target

- Time with Mark and Darlene, who Oliver spontaneously and adorably started calling "Pop Pop Mawk" and "Ma Ma Dar"

- Morning coffee with Gram

 - A trip to my old workplace and pleasant visits with old bosses and coworkers

- MORE Vietnamese food

- And pastries that I daydream about on a weekly basis - chocolate almond croissants from Cafe 906.

And now I'm preparing for a small little party for Oliver's birthday this Saturday. Nothing fancy, but I hope he likes it. It's nice to get back to feeling like myself again :)

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Jessica | Living La Vida Holoka said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. It's natural to get into a funk from time to time, but it's amazing how much better you can feel after a few simple pleasures.

Those croissants sound so delicious!