Monday, June 3, 2013

My new home sweet home

Life is busy and wonderful and I am in love with Asheville.

After just four months here, I feel it is more my home than Orlando ever was in my 25+ years there. I've already spent more hours exploring the streets and shops downtown than I ever did in Florida.

And there is always something happening here. There are festivals, protests, buskers (everywhere), galleries, and double decker busses turned into cafes. It's fantastic. People here are also unbelievably friendly and interesting. The food is mind blowing and almost all restaurants serve locally grown food.

I have a growing circle of friends here that I'm very fortunate to have met. This past Friday I was even able to put together a 'ladies night' for myself and four other women and we had dinner and drinks downtown at Laughing Seed.

I've finally found some play groups for Oliver and he's meeting some new buddies as well. We had a meet up at the Biltmore last week, we have a group picnic tomorrow at the Arboretum, and next week we go to a local farm to pick organic blueberries! Just today we met someone new at the park and have another play date there set for Wednesday. I'm probably happiest about that - that my little guy is gaining friends. The poor kid gets cooped up with me working at home a lot, and I'm thrilled he's getting to run around and play with some people his age now.

Business has also been growing rapidly, though the past few weeks feel so slow after a flurry of activity in the past few months. There have been some pretty fun developments:

- I met with my new business attorney and now have my North Carolina LLC set up.

- Also met a lovely CPA who can handles my taxes so I don't screw it all up!

- In May I signed a partnership with the USA Science & Engineering Festival in Washington DC ( They commissioned two new designs for specific scientists voted on by their facebook followers and they will be using nine of my scientist designs on their promotional school posters, as well as an art poster to be sold at their event in April 2014. They are the largest science festival in the nation (250,000 attendees at their last event) and I am incredibly excited to be involved with them. While I won't be an exhibitor at the festival, I am planning to be in DC for the festival and become an uber-tourist for a few days.

- I signed a released to have some of my large 24x36 scientist prints filmed in an episode of 'Longmire" on A&E. ( I believe it should be in episode five.

- I was contacted by and invited to sell my work on their invite-only redditgift marketplace.  I JUST opened the shop there June 1st and I'm still getting it stocked (

- May 5th I was going to be an exhibitor at the art & Music festival in Asheville called Big Love Festival. Unfortunately, we got rained out, but the new event has been moved to September!

- I've been contacted by several different companies interested in becoming wholesale clients - one of which HAS signed with me, but I can't quite announce it or give details yet :)

- I've hired a web designer to make my a fancier site + a shop on my own domain. Really excited to see the results.

- And something little but cool - I found out that my work is referenced in a book by Chris Anderson. (you can read about him here:

And that's the news update. I always intend to write regularly, but can't promise anything :)


Samantha said...

I don't live far from DC and this makes me want to attend the festival just so I can see your work in person.

and a huge congratulations on all the positives in your life lately! <3

Mrs. Cheerio said...

I just randomly popped by and surprise! all kinds of goodness happening here.

We are so happy for you and your success! You are such a talented artist and its great to see you become recognized/make a living doing what you're passionate about. Blessings!