Saturday, March 15, 2014

Another home sweet home.

Nine months since my last blog post. No apologies, I just didn't feel like it, and often was too busy.

Life seems to be long stretches of normalcy, followed by quick and drastic changes. A recent change: We've moved into a new house. Our year-long lease at "The White House" ended March 1st and we've found a new home only 2.5 miles away.

The White House was easily the grandest house I've ever lived in, and while I love change, it was really hard to leave a place with so many wonderful memories. It was the first house Oliver is old enough to remember, and while he's moved easily in the past (three times before), this move was more emotional for him (and for all of us, really).

But we're settling into our new place, now named "The Tree House", since we sit up on a hill surrounded by woods, and with three different back decks to play on, it gives the feeling of living in a cozy house among the tree tops.

It has an amazing view for star gazing and sunsets (at least until the leaves come in).

It's become our favorite hang out spot for relaxing and soaking in the sun.

We've discovered it's also a great spot for bear watching. Today we came home to an overturned garbage can and these three guys in the yard:

Oh, and one more thing - Oliver finally got his first taste of black coffee a few days ago. He loved it, of course. It's in the genes.

So that's a recap for the past two weeks, but I have no idea how to write enough to cover the past nine months.

I'll try to sum it up with some photos next time.