Monday, April 21, 2014

Eggs & Buskers

My Easter day began by running 15 minutes late for church. Nothing alarming since I was still early to service - just a few minutes late for my volunteer slot at the small cafe downstairs that I help with every other Sunday. Apparently everyone volunteered for Easter, so I stood to the side - mainly useless - chatted, learned more names and new faces, and did a grand job of restocking 2 water bottles in the fridge.

Soon enough it was time to take Oliver to his Sunday school class and then on to my main meeting. Afterward we headed home for the much anticipated egg hunt Oliver has been asking for EVERY DAY for a week.

I hid a dozen eggs around the driveway and set home loose.

They were filled with all natural jelly candies from Trader Joe's, Annie's jelly bunnies, and Annie's gluten-free snickerdoodle bunnies. He was pleased. 

We didn't have any big plans for the day, so we all piled in the car and headed downtown to walk. I grabbed by DSLR at the last minute so I could take some photos while we strolled.

This is The Bad Creek Bandits. I saw them a few days ago on Haywood in front of Woolworth's and bought their cd - fun sound, and very country.

I really enjoyed the voice of the musician below. He goes by Foxtale Feather. Oliver and I danced for awhile and he sang to us about Scooby Doo and making sure to "listen to your mom because she loves you". He told me he just started taking his music seriously. I hope he continues because I'd buy his cd in a heartbeat.

This is Ashley on the drum and Julie OR on the guitar (she has a blog here). They just met on the street corner and started playing together.

Views on Wall St.

And last week I took a photography assignment from the graphics department at church (aka, my friend Heather). She met me downtown on Thursday to help me find good spots and carry my camera bag. Also a good excuse to get out and eat noodles together at Doc Chey's. 

Pack Square

 Wall Street Iron

St. Lawrence Basilica

Rooftops of downtown Asheville

Chicken Ally mural

Oh Asheville, my Asheville

Fun news: I'm going to Washington DC this weekend. Lots of photos to come. :)

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Kelly Verdeck said...

Ooh, those scenics are amazing. Makes me want to visit Asheville, and to me that's the point of good scenic photography! Nice work. :)

Easter looked like a lot of fun! Looks like you had great weather for it, too!