Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Carry On

I've deterred myself from the habit of blogging for quite awhile. Mainly because I felt like I might over share personal details and people would know too much about my life or how I think (especially because I kind of have a business now and people sometimes google me and might find all my weirdness here).

But then I realized:

a) I have a horrible memory and miss reading about what I was doing on X date in time.

b) It makes it a whole lots easier for friends and family to keep up with my life, and

c) I need to get off my delusional high horse because I'm not that popular to begin with, so I shouldn't really be worrying about strangers/fans finding my blog. And hey, if Wil Wheaton can be king of the nerds and still write a blog, why can't little old me?

So I'm going to pretend that I didn't just skip a year of blogging and carry on as if there was no pause at all. Please play along.

I may or may not have joined a children's Lego Builders Club downtown at the library. It helps that I have a kid with me and can use him as my excuse for being there. Sure, there are plenty of other moms hanging out there too, but I never see any of them fighting over lego pieces with their kid or whining "Don't stealing from my pile!". Yes, there are at least eight bins of legos laying out, ripe for the picking, but we somehow always end up with the box full of off-brand parts and like, one lego dude (or JACK SPARROW as you can see below) so it turns into a war zone out there. Every man (or child) for himself, I say.

The lego challenge last week was to build an airplane. Our results:

Oh, I also somehow turned 30 a few weeks ago. Totally impossible, I know, but it actually did happened. I don't mind it at all, but I still feel about 26 so my brain is playing catch up. (FYI, the only time I actually feel 30 is when I have to pay for my healthcare plan and the four different taxes for living/working in Asheville. Yay, adulthood!)

My very special present from my parents this year was a necklace I'd been drooling over for months at Horse + Hero downtown. I'd been so disappointed to go in one day and find someone had bought it. Alas, it was my sneaky sneaky parents :)

Our friend Sarah flew in the weekend of my birthday, so mom, Sarah, and I went out to a decadent italian lunch at Modesto. It was a gorgeous day for Pomegranate martini's and fresh made pasta on the patio. Oh, and Jerry Seinfeld just happened to walk by me on the side walk.

(I had forgotten he'd be in town to perform at the Cellular Center just one street over)

There is a lot more that happened in the past two weeks, but apparently I am getting old now and fading fast tonight (it is nearly 2am after all) so I will skip ahead to this past weekend.

My dear dear kindred-spirit/wierdo-soulmate, Shirlee, just left this evening to go back to FL. She flew in Saturday morning so she could help me run my booth at the Big Crafty festival on Sunday and I got to keep her until 7:30 this evening.

The festival went swimmingly, even if the humidity did make it feel like someone was breathing heavily on my neck all day. We stayed busy and had many many visitors to our booth - Laura the Star Trek nerd with an awesome Spock necklace, John and his son Max who were visiting from out of town (and who are the same family that found me at the Science & Engineering Festival in DC last year!), and also a science teacher in Korea who gave us Korean coins. 

I got to meet Brad C. from Hi-Wire Brewing here in Asheville (who I "met" through a comment on my fb page just the other week), a random guy walking by who saw our booth, paused, then ran over to give me a high-five and thanked me for advertising astronomy instead of astrology (not common in Asheville), and a woman who saw my scientist flashcards, thought they were a science tarot deck, and told me her head nearly exploded smile emoticon. I also had a few friends - and even Oliver's gymnastics teacher! - stop by the say hi. A most excellent day.

I guess I should also mention that for the past six months I've been spending hours upon hours upon hours working on a project with Shirlee and it is finally FINISHED. The final result - a fancy deck of science flashcards. 

Many late nights were spent studying scientists and writing through shared Google docs with Shirlee while she occasionally ignored her husband and kids in order to help me make these cards. It's a bit surreal having the project complete, but we're already brainstorming the next "big thing" while I also try to get her and her family to move here :)

Sleep is quickly creeping up on me so this will actually be a much shorter post than I intended, but at least it's a start. I will leave you with this photo, which I display as proof that my son is slowly turning into Joey Tribiani.

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Kelly Verdeck said...

Nice to see you, and glad to see you're doing well! Those flashcards look very cool and might be right up my (and my kids') alley--are you selling them online anywhere?