Monday, July 27, 2015

Martin Sheen for President.

A few weeks ago I started watching West Wing (hey, only a decade or so behind everyone else, right?) and becoming slightly obsessed with the history of the US government and all things Washington DC related (I'm quite disappointed now that I didn't know much history about DC before visiting last year).

Unfortunately, for the past 30 years I've intentionally remained fairly ignorant of the way our government functions. Growing up, anytime I heard people anywhere talking about politics it became stressful and ended in arguing, so after studying the basics in school, I promptly forgot what I had learned and avoided the topic.

All it took was a well written TV show to finally spark my interest in politics, and today I joyfully spent some time reading my new book, The Complete Idiot's Guide to U.S. Government and Politics while taking copious notes and actually enjoying it. (I'm only in chapter two but I already know the definition of Oligarchy and Plutocracy, the main theories for the formation of nation-states, and even the English roots of the American Constitution!)

I quite possibly also bought the following books that should be delivered this week:
Inside the White House: Stories From the World's Most Famous Residence
The Hidden White House: Harry Truman and the Reconstruction of America's Most Famous Residence
Lost Washington, D.C.
The White House: An Illustrated History
The Greatest Presidential Stories Never Told: 100 Tales from History to Astonish, Bewilder, and Stupefy (The Greatest Stories Never Told)

Aaaand maybe checked out one (or six) books from the library on the topic. (side note: I am NOT made of money and most of those new books I bought are from the 'used' section of amazon and only cost a 0.01!)

Ok. I would write more but I'm ready to keep reading and taking notes. Nighty-night!

P.S. I'm on Goodreads if you want to be friends :)

P.P.S. I bought clip-on bangs and made everyone at the coffee shop try them on.

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